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When General Electric closed its manufacturing facility Appliance Controls/Timer Division in 1998. GE was the leading manufacturer of range timers, stove clocks, and wall oven timers with 99% of market share. GE manufactured range timers /stove clocks for Amana, Caloric, Frigidaire, GE, Hotpoint, Jenn air, Maytag, Roper, Thermador, and Whirlpool.

At plant closing, we purchased new parts and remaining plant inventory. We specialize in the replacement/repair of all manufacturers GE range timers/stove clocks and wall oven timers.
We replace all worn parts with new factory manufactured timer parts and a new S1 motor is installed in every unit.

We set the market standard of a one year warranty under normal household use on each clock/timer replacement/repair we ship.

Our tech is GE six sigma black belt certified.

#1 in Customer Satisfaction

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Customer testimonials

Never have I ever worked with more "competent" and reliable folk's than GEneral TIME RepairS, LLC. They sent me an exact, reworked and perfect replacement, for my clock in my beloved double Whirlpool oven! Although the oven is nearing 40 years old and worked great,the clock had been long gone!
Thank you GEneral TIME RepairS, LLC for allowing me a renewed life for my great double oven! Now I have a clock that is working perfect, was easy to install, and working with such competent folk's at GEneral TIME RepairS is like a breath of fresh air to renew my old "oven"! And also renewed my faith that just because something gets old, there is a way to fix things if you take the time to check it out. The original manufacturer will state discontinued and can't help! Keep looking because there is a solution if you just trust in refurbished/renewed parts!
My clock is ticking, and I could not be more pleased!
With warm hugs from Texas and just so happy the GEneral TIME RepairS LLC knew that old things break, but reworking is often such a better answer than "total" double OVEN replacement! Without your company I'd still be doing without the timer, auto on and off function of my almost 40 year old double oven! All because that darn "clock" bit the dust, and the original manufacturer didn't care to support my non-functioning clock.
Ya'll rock in quality, customer service and fixing my old oven clock!!!
Most Sincerely, Linda Connor - Richardson TX

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GEneral TIME RepairS LLC
23500 Hwy 30
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Carroll, Iowa 51401

Phone: 712-792-1248

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Customer testimonial

Wow! How impressed I was when I opened my repaired Frigidaire Flaire clock/timer. To see that all parts of the stove works now is unbelievable. I've already started "spreading the word" on your workmanship. Best Wishes.
W. Tagg - Scottown OH


The timer you sent Monday arrived today. It was PERFECT. I have a new respect for appliance repair people but after a few dead ends it is in and working well. Couldn't believe all the wires in there. Took the front off first only to realize the clock screws were from the back and all the wires from the back. It was challenging but now we are back in business thanks to you and your firm. The replacement approach was a perfect solution to my problem.
Thanks Rick Herr Buffalo NY


Please check the attached picture. Do you notice something odd about the clock you sold me? In case you can't figure it out, it is not stuck on 5:00 like the clock I am returning. What are the Martin's going to do now? We used to get to drink whenever we wanted 'cause it was always 5:00 here. Now, as result of your company, it is all kinds of time most of the day and only 5:00 two times a day! I now have to wait until late afternoon or get up really early to have a drink. However, all is not lost. My liver sends great gratitude. If Jack Daniels Distillary goes out of business that will be on your conscious!smiley
Seriously, thanks so much for being in business! The clock is great adding years to my oven. I like fixing things and making old things last and last and last. We need more companies like GEneral TIME RepairS LLC so we can stop throwing away stuff just because it is old. I am an old geezer but I can get fixed so my appliances should be fixed.
Best wishes to you and your husband for continued success with your company. Have a great weekend. I'll UPS my old, collectors 5:00 model clock to you on Monday,

We replace/repair all analog and
digital range timers/stove clocks.
Only company with new parts and
motors made in the GE factory.
Why repair when you can replace?
Easier installation with both units in hand.
Save money less tech service calls and time.
Thousands of units in stock,
ready to ship.

Customer testimonial

I cannot thank you enough for your help!!! You responded on a Sunday!!! I had it on Wednesday and after 1 phone call to you I installed it myself. After call 2 I set the time. It works!! Thanks again,
Sue Bonifacio - Vacaville CA


Thank you for the excellent service. I was amazed to get a phone call moments after my e-mail. My clock/timer was installed Wednesday and I got to CLEAN my oven yesterday! Just in time for the holidays!
Thanks again and I hope you all have a Happy Holidays. Sincerely,
Deanna Lyons - St Peters MO


I can't hardly believe it. I received my clock today, Monday, at my Oklahoma address. I just talked to you on Saturday morning. I am thoroughly impressed and you need to be commended on your great customer service. I probably won't get to install it in the oven until this weekend, but thanks for making my wife a happy camper.
Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas!
Brent Bolay - Perry OK


Thank you all for the excellent service. I have totally enjoyed the experience. The service was absolutely quick and efficient. Upon receipt of my clock I installed it immediately. It works perfectly. I would recommend your operation to anyone in need of oven timer repair. It's nice to know that companies of your caliber still exist. Thanks for all your kindness. God bless you all....
Bob Michaelovich - Roaring Brook Township PA


Enclosed is the old (nonworking) clock/timer from my trusty Jenn Air 125 oven. I am very glad to have found you. The replacement clock/timer that I purchased from you is installed and working perfectly and, hopefully, the oven is now good for many more years to come.
I wish there were more companies that fixed parts from old appliances. It's not just the expense of the new appliances that I mind, but the reality that every repair person with whom I speak says that today's appliances just are not made ot last. I hate  the idea of landfilling appliances that should be repairable.
Thanks for helping to keep my Jenn Air oven functional.
Very truly yours, Elizabeth Thomason - Minn MN


I want to personally thank you for the replacement clock. The clock is installed and working perfectly. It is a wonderful service you provide and worth every penny of the cost. Having our stove clock working is like having an old friend back.
Thank you, Tom and Nancy Schumacher - Valencia CA